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Located in the heart of northeastern Colorado, Erker Grain Company was established in 1976 by Michael G. Erker. From 1976 through 1992, Erker Grain served as a county elevator offering marketing opportunities and storage to local farmers for wheat, corn, milo and millet. In 1992, Erker Grain took the first step towards developing a niche market by constructing a sunflower and bean processing facility. Interest in sunflower production in northeastern Colorado and the panhandle of Nebraska increased as word that a processing plant was nearby and producers would no longer have to truck their production to Kansas.

In 1995, increasing acreage in the high plains region and an increase in world demand for the quality of seeds grown in the area, it became necessary to focus all marketing and production efforts on confection sunflowers. Erker Grain is now one of only three processing plants located on the high plains and processes approximately 20 million pounds of sunflowers annually.

Erker Grain has continued to add value and build markets of confection sunflowers. In 1999, hulling equipment and electronic sorting machines were installed to meet the needs of the human consumption kernel market. Being located just 80 miles northeast of Denver, Colorado on Interstate 76, Erker Grain can be extremely competitive in world markets while also contracting directly with High Plains farmers who produce the highest quality confection sunflowers in the world.
Though confection sunflowers are the main commodity that Erker Grain processes, black oil sunflower seeds and millet are also being processed for the birdseed market. The finished products from Erker Grain are sold in bulk, 50 lb. and 25 lb. bags. The bags are then loaded in containers on semi trucks or in boxcars and shipped around the world. Approximately 40% of Erker Grain's production is shipped via boxcar to Mexico with another 40% being shipped via containers to Canada, China, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Greece and South Korea.

Erker Grain is a world supplier of in-shell and hulled confection sunflower products. Erker Grain began exporting confection sunflowers in 1992. China was the first country, but export from the facility soon grew to include such countries as Mexico, Turkey, and Spain. In 2000, Erker Grain received the Colorado Governor's Award for Excellence in Exporting.

"Erker Grain's exceptional commitment to international trade helps to keep Colorado's economy strong. Your success in exporting inspires other small businesses to enter the global market."
 Governor Bill Owens

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