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Located on the Hi-Plains of Colorado in Fort Morgan, Colorado, Erker Grain Company is a processor of Confection and Black Oil Sunflower products. We contract acres with local farmers, sell them the planting seed and buy back their production. Being located on the Hi-Plains allows us to raise some of the highest quality, largest sunflowers in the

At harvest time, our growers will begin delivery of their crop to our processing facility or to one of our receiving facilities. The delivery will continue throughout the year and will finish before their next crop is ready for harvest. Once the sunflower seeds are in our processing facility, they will be cleaned, sized, packaged and shipped around the world. The cleaned product is shipped out in 50 pound bags, 2,000 pound super sacs (totes) or in bulk.

During the cleaning process nothing is wasted. The shells and sticks that are seperated from the seeds and are sold to local cattle feedlots and dairy's to be mixed with their feed for extra protein. The sizing process will then seperate the sunflower seeds into  three sizes. Midcut, under 20/64 and the smallest seeds, then 20's and the largest size 22+. The number 20, and 22 refers to the circumference of the holes in our screens that the seeds will not fall through. 20/64 and 22/64. Please click on the inshell picture to the left to view the different size inshell sunflower products.

The smaller seeds (midcut) are sold into the bird seed market or hulled for the kernels. The kernel process is very similar to the inshell cleaning process with a few exceptions. The clean midcut is run through a dehuller which cracks the shells and seperates the shells from the kernels. Then the kernels go through a cleaner which works as a sizer and seperates any small pieces from whole kernels. After the cleaner, the kernels go across a gravity table to further seperate the light and heavy product and then the kernels go through an electronic sorting machine to remove any discolored kernels. For every 100 pound of inshell we hull, we yield approximately 45 pounds of clean kernels. Click on the picture to the right to view the different kernel products available.

 Confection Sunflowers account for 95% of the volume that we clean and process on an annual basis. The remaining 5% is Black Oil Sunflowers for bird seed. Besides sunflowers, we also carry field run white proso millet. We buy millet from local growers, then ship it via railcar or truck to be cleaned and mixed with other ingredients or bagged by itself and sold as bird food.

If you are interested in any of our Sunflower products or Millet, click here to contact us or visit the Contact Us page for detailed contact information.